Here's how to respond to emergency situations, and we're here to help!

The panic button or anti-panic alarm is a small but powerful device that allows users to quickly and discreetly notify security services in case of emergencies such as intrusion, medical crises, or any security threat.

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The panic button is typically placed in easily accessible but concealed locations within the facility, allowing users to quickly activate the alarm without drawing attention. When pressed, the button automatically notifies our the control center, or local emergency services, ensuring a rapid response.




Panic buttons in a bank are typically discreetly placed in strategic locations, such as teller counters, manager's offices, or other key areas. This allows employees to quickly and unobtrusively activate the alarm in the event of a robbery attempt, security threat, or any other emergency situation.

When the panic button is pressed, a signal is automatically sent to control center Sword Security or directly to local emergency services. This ensures that emergency services are immediately notified of the incident, reducing response times.


Panic buttons allow users to quickly notify emergency services or medical personnel in the event of a medical crisis, such as a heart attack, fainting, or other urgent health conditions. With a simple press of the button, a signal is sent directly to control center or emergency medical services.


We provide training and support for using the panic button system to ensure that all users understand how and when to use this service for maximum security.

The panic button is an emergency alarm system that allows users to quickly and discreetly notify emergency services in case of medical crises. It is activated by pressing a button, which sends a signal to the monitoring center or directly to emergency services.

Panic buttons are typically placed in easily accessible locations within the facility, such as offices, reception areas, classrooms, or public spaces, allowing quick access in emergency situations.

Panic buttons are designed to be resistant to accidental activation, often placed in accessible locations but protected from inadvertent presses.

Panic buttons provide additional security and peace of mind in emergency situations, enabling a quick response and potentially saving lives in case of medical crises.

After activation, a signal is sent to the monitoring center or directly to emergency services, which then follow the appropriate protocols to respond to the medical crisis.

Yes, we provide training for employees and facility users on the proper use of panic buttons and emergency procedures.



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