Perhaps you don't even need a permanent security guard on the premises! We offer mobile intervention for you!

Mobile intervention provides a flexible security solution, ideal for those who require periodic patrols and condition checks. Whether it's your home or business premises, our mobile teams are ready to respond quickly in any situation, ensuring peace and protection at all times.

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Mobile Intervention Sword Security our teams are tailored to patrol your premises according to your specific needs, whether it's day or night. This approach effectively prevents potential break-ins and allows timely detection of irregularities, such as water leaks or damages.

Protection of every facility

We provide security for all types of facilities - legal entities or individuals.

Quick response to alarms

In case of alarm activation, the Sword team is on the premises within the legal timeframe

Mobile teams in the field

In case of the need for a rapid response, our team is on-site within the legal timeframe.

Free consultations

We do not charge anything for consultations!

Risk minimization

We proactively influence the minimization of risks of incurred damage.

Acting in accordance with legal regulations

For every employee, the law comes first!


In case of alarm activation or receipt of a call about potential danger, our surveillance operation centers are available NON-STOP. Our standby intervention teams are swiftly on-site, ready for action 24 hours a day.

Our security guards have been successfully securing facilities of legal and physical persons for 33 years, whether they are homes or hotels, public institutions, business centers, banks, etc.

Our mobile intervention service includes on-demand patrols, rapid response to your requests alarm signals. and providing emergency assistance in cases of security incidents. 

Our mobile teams patrol your premises according to a prearranged schedule, day or night. They inspect the security of the facility, including windows, doors, and other potential entry points, and observe and report any irregularities.

Yes, we adapt the patrol schedule to your specific needs and requirements, whether it's more frequent patrolling or visits during specific times of day or night.

Our intervention teams are ready 24/7 for a rapid response to any alarm signals. Upon activation of the alarm, they are immediately dispatched to the location to assess the situation and take necessary measures.

If our team notices any irregularities or issues during a patrol, they take immediate steps within legal frameworks to secure the premises and inform you about the detected problem.



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