We provide security for large events, not only raising the level of safety but also instilling a sense of peace and trust among the attendees.

Safeguarding public gatherings, including sports and cultural events, concerts, ceremonial occasions, and other large gatherings, is a specialty of the Sword Agency.

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Security for public gatherings Sword Security agency encompasses professional protection and security management at events. Our approach is focused on ensuring peace and security for all attendees, with detailed planning, coordination with emergency services, and efficient communication.

Ensuring all gatherings

Whatever the event, the Sword team is at your disposal.

Large number of visitors

We give security and peace at events with many visitors.

Free consultations

We do not charge anything for consultations!

Risk minimization

We proactively influence the minimization of risks of incurred damage.


Major events are our specialty, and our team is ready for any challenges. Ask our colleagues who are at the stadium.

We specialize in managing the security aspects of large-scale events. Whether it's a concert, sports event, or any other type of public gathering, our team is ready to provide maximum protection and ensure a safe and pleasant environment for all attendees.

Our service includes comprehensive security for public events such as sports gatherings, cultural events, ceremonies, and other assemblies. The service encompasses the presence of uniformed personnel as well as the setup protective fences.

We have extensive experience in securing public gatherings in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with a particular focus on sports and cultural events, as well as ceremonial occasions.

For large events, we conduct a detailed risk assessment, plan security measures, and deploy staff at key locations. Our planning is carried out in accordance with legal procedures.

We implement various security measures, including surveillance, access control, real-time event monitoring, and prompt response to any incidents or unforeseen situations.

Yes, we regularly collaborate with local police departments as well as other law enforcement agencies.

The number of security personnel is determined based on legal regulations, depending on the size of the event, expected number of attendees, the nature of the event, and specific security requirements.

We guarantee the security of handling confidential information.



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