Sword Security offers a service for the installation and maintenance of metal detector gates, which are a security element for ensuring a high level of security at entrances to facilities such as airports, trains, government buildings, schools, embassies, concert halls, and sports stadiums.

Metal detector gates ensure a high level of security by efficiently and accurately detecting all types of metal objects, thereby reducing the risk of security threats in sensitive areas.

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Metal detector gates are characterized by high sensitivity, allowing for the precise detection of a wide range of metal objects, including weapons, knives, and other potentially dangerous items. At the same time, the technology is optimized to reduce false alarms, ensuring a fast and efficient flow of people through the checkpoint. 




Metal detector gates can be customized to meet specific needs and location requirements, including detection sensitivity and passage size. They can also be integrated with other security systems, such as... camera surveillance systems and bag scanners, creating a comprehensive security system.


Metal detector gates are equipped with a user-friendly control interface, allowing security personnel to easily manage operations and respond quickly to alarms. They also offer minimal resistance during passage, enabling fast and unimpeded evacuation in case of emergencies.


The service includes professional installation and configuration of the devices, as well as ongoing technical support and maintenance by our expert team.

Metal detector gates are security devices that utilize electromagnetic fields to detect metal objects on individuals passing through them. They are used to prevent the entry of weapons and other metal objects into sensitive areas.

They are often used in locations such as airports, embassies, trains, public buildings, schools, concert halls, and sports stadiums, where a high level of security is required, or as per the client's request.

Our metal detector gates are highly sensitive and can detect various types of metal objects, including small items like keys and coins, as well as larger objects like weapons.

Our doors are designed to be safe for individuals with medical devices such as pacemakers, but we recommend that such individuals be identified to the security personnel in advance.

Metal detector gates are highly effective in detecting and preventing the entry of metal objects, making them a crucial tool in preventing security threats.

When a metal object is detected, the gates emit an audible or visual signal, and the security personnel then conduct additional verification.



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