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Technical Protection

Technical Protection Services

In order to better protect the property of our clients, in the field of technical protection, we offer several types of protection, which is provided by our professional technical service with many years of experience in this field.

The technical protection service includes the installation of systems that contribute to more efficient physical protection of the protected object or independent protection by installing the system:

  • Video surveillance systems
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Burglar and anti-raid alarm system
  • Perimeter protection with the use of artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Video intercom system
  • Access control systems and time and attendance records
  • Evacuation and ambient sound system
  • System integration
  • Testing of technical protection systems
  • Installation, programming, commissioning of technical protection systems
  • Automation for swing and sliding gates, automatic ramps
  • Smart systems: Smart city / Smart home
  • Safes and vaults
  • High security locks
  • UPS systems

In accordance with the above, we sell, install, regularly maintain and service the equipment in question.

At the request of potential clients, our professional technical team goes to the site, evaluates the necessary technical protection, creates a conceptual design free of charge and forms an offer, and taking into account the client's requirements, and in accordance with the same presents it.

Complete systems can be connected to the existing 24-hour Alert Operations Center of our Agency, and thus additionally provide a protected area, where the nearest intervention team of the Agency will be sent to the protected area for each activation of these systems, to check or possibly prevent burglary or damage.

Physical Protection

Physical protection services

Physical protection services are the provision of persons and property by certified security guards in accordance with positive legal regulations and principles of the European system and standards of protection.

In accordance with the above, we perform regular annual checks of the psychophysical abilities of employees, and regular checks of the ability to handle weapons.

Physical protection services include:

  • Physical protection of buildings of any purpose;
  • close VIP protection;
  • physical protection by intervention;
  • Providing all kinds of events and cultural and sporting events
  • transport of money and valuables.

DOC - Alert and Operations Center

Alert Operations Center

The alert and operational center is a vital segment of the Agency's activities.

The work of the alert and operational center is reflected in the supervision of protected facilities 24/7 by a certified person of the Agency, which includes the following:

  • Timely response to the alarm signal (burglary, fire, fire alarm, panic alarm and other alarms from the technical protection system), sending the nearest intervention team to the address of the protected facility, notifying the client, and if necessary contacting authorities and services (police, firefighters) , ambulance and the like);
  • live monitoring via video link;
  • GPS monitoring of persons and vehicles;
  • recording and archiving data on received events;
  • Preparing and sending daily, weekly, monthly or annual reports to the client.

Experienced and highly trained staff will meet all your security and safety requirements, regardless of complexity and complexity.



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